Measuring Capacity in Maths

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Today we estimated how much liquid each container would hold. Then we filled them and measures the liquid. We compared our estimates to the actual measurements! It was a fun lesson.

Cinema Trip

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This morning we took part in the Intu Film festival. We went to the Quad to watch ‘Kuco’s Great Adventure’. What a fun morning! 

Strange Footprints! 

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Over night something has been wandering around our playground! We were not sure what it could be so we investigated the footprints! It was definately something big! 

Odysseus and the Cyclops Story Map

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Harvest Collection

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In Yr3 we had lots of kind donations for our Harvest collection. Thank you very much. All this food will be donated to people in our area who need it. 

Science – Exploring Owl Pellets

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This week in Science we investigated an Owl’s diet by exploring the remains found within an owl pellet. We were amazed at what we found!

Roald Dahl Day

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On Roald Dahl day we had great fun! We based all our fun activities around the BFG! The children made their own dream jars that reflected how weird and wonderful dreams can be! 

In the afternoon we made dream catchers but instead of catching bad dreams, ours were made to catch the dreams we’d like to happen!! 

We loved sharing our work with our parents too! 

Art Week

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We started Yr 3 by looking for all the beauty to be found in a city! We looked at the work of print artist James Green. Inspired by his art,  we learned how to create cityscape prints using styrofoam and printing ink. We created our own works of art inspired by interesting buildings found in Derby. We mounted these on patterns we created by printing with different materials!


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Hi welcome to the Yr 3 blog. We are really looking forward to sharing all our learning! Please leave us some comments if you like what you see!